Ad Spending Skyrockets as Election Draws Near

The Conservatives, Liberals and NDP have all drastically increased their Facebook ad spending as we approach election day.

Find out how much all of the major parties are spending, and how they are choosing to spend their advertising budgets - read on below!

The Ad Spend Breakdown: Since June, 2019

Liberal Party of Canada page: $653,663
Justin Trudeau page: $792,186
Liberal total: $1,445,849

Conservative Party of Canada page: $914,731
Andrew Scheer page: $69,534
Conservative total: $984,265

Canada's NDP page: $239,923
Jagmeet Singh page: $11,076
NDP Total: $250,999

Green Party of Canada page: $39,125
Elizabeth May page: $0
Green Total: $39,125

The Ad Spend Breakdown: The past 7 days

Liberal Party of Canada page: $113,421
Justin Trudeau page: $281,813
Liberal total: $395,234

Conservative Party of Canada page: $262,449
Andrew Scheer page: $2,923
Conservative total: $265,372

Canada's NDP page: $47,032
Jagmeet Singh page: $391
NDP Total: $47,423

Green Party of Canada page: $20,706
Elizabeth May page: $0
Green Total: $20,706


Conservative Party of Canada

The Conservatives have spent over $914,000 since June of 2019, and $262,000 in the past 7 days.

The Conservatives are spending big on Facebook ads this week. This is the ad that they are currently spending the most money on.

They have spent somewhere between $10-50,000 promoting this ad alone.

The ad is a 30 second video clip focused on saving money for Canadian taxpayers. It paints a simple picture - pay more if the Liberals are elected. Pay less if the Conservatives are elected.

The ad ends with the Conservative slogan "It's time for you to get ahead".

This is one of the few Conservative ads that has specifically targeted female voters. As you can see, the ad has predominantly been shown to females between 25-44 years old.

The Conservatives are clearly hoping their plan for a tax-free maternity leave will earn them more female voters.

The Conservatives seem to be worried about the possibility of a Liberal-NDP coalition, and they want you to be worried too.

They are sticking to the same messaging they've used against Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party - if you don't vote Conservative, you will end up spending more money, and deficits will continue to rise.

You can view the Conservative Party of Canada's Facebook ad library here.


Liberal Party of Canada

The Liberals have spent over $653,000 since June, and over $113,000 in the past 7 days. Although they are spending less on advertising through the official Liberal Party of Canada page, they are spending substantially more on Facebook advertisements on the Justin Trudeau page ($792,000 since June and $281,000 in the past week). 

When taking the pages of party leaders into account, the Liberals have spent more than any other party on Facebook advertising in the run up to the October 21 election.

In addition to their big ad spend, the Liberals have also run the most sophisticated campaign with the most variations on ad copy and targeting.

The Liberal Party of Canada is currently running far more ad variations than any other party.

One of the most prevalent topics in their advertisements is the environment.

The Liberals are running a variety of short video ads that present voters with a direct choice - vote for Andrew Scheer, who plans to rip up the Liberal climate plan, or vote for Justin Trudeau and stop Conservative cuts.

The Liberals are currently running more fundraising ads than the other major parties. 

Here we can see 2 similar variations, one using a "Donate Now" button and the other using a "Chip in Today" button. 

By running so many different variations with different targeting criteria, the Liberals can determine which ad variants perform best with which demographics, and then target future ads accordingly.

You can view the entire Liberal Party of Canada ad library here.


New Democratic Party of Canada

The NDP are spending much less than the Liberals and Conservatives - Just $239,000 since June, and $47,000 in the past week.

Their video ads may be some of the best content currently being promoted by any party, but their lack of spending means it will not be seen by as many potential voters.

In the past week, the NDP have spent more money on this ad than any other. 

The 15 second video is very clear and concise, perfect for Facebook advertising.

It attacks Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government over high medication costs, lack of affordable housing, and continued investment in pipelines.

The ad concludes with the NDP slogan "In it for you".

The NDP are also running a series of 15 second ads targeting Justin Trudeau on specific individual platform issues.

The ad above focuses on Pharmacare, but the NDP are also running similar ads focused on Trudeau's support for oil and gas companies, and the telecom industry.

These short and effective policy based ads may be retargeting voters who previously interacted with past policy-based NDP ads.

The only NDP ad being shown exclusively in Quebec, this ad features NDP Deputy Leader Alexandre Boulerice.

The ad aims to build upon the past success of Jack Layton, and depict the NDP as a legitimate, viable alternative to the Liberals or Conservatives.

You can view the NDP Facebook ad library here.


Green Party of Canada

We rarely cover the Green Party in our ad tracker as the party has not invested very much money into digital - but with the election coming to a close, their spending gives us some interesting insight into their campaign strategy.

The Greens have spent $20,706 over the last week - more than half their spending since June.

Right now they're running just 5 ads.

Two of those ads are targeted at BC, while three are targeted to specific ridings in Quebec.

This simple image ad is running in BC, along with a video ad (below). While the video ad is more compelling, for some reason they're featuring a Toronto-area candidate with an ad buy targeting BC voters. It's a very strange choice.

Lastly, the Greens appear to be targeting three ridings in Quebec. They have three high-quality french video ads featuring three specific candidates, showing only in Quebec. While Facebook will only show us the province that the ads are running in, we are assuming that they are targeted specifically to the ridings the candidates are running in. It looks like the Greens believe they stand a shot in three Montreal-area ridings - Mirabel, Outremont, and Mount Royal.

You can view the Green Facebook ad library here.

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*You can see Justin Trudeau's ads here. You can see Andrew Scheer’s ads here. You can see Jagmeet Singh’s ads here.


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