Conservatives Intensify "Not As Advertised" Video Campaign Against Trudeau

The Conservatives have released a slew of new "Not As Advertised" video ads attacking Justin Trudeau, most of which focus on the Prime Minister's role in the SNC Lavalin scandal, and the growing federal deficit.

The Conservatives lead in ad spending this week, spending close to $18,000.

Meanwhile the Liberals have spent nearly $10,000 over the same time period. Their newest ad campaign is a series of french language simple sign up ads asking voters to pledge to vote Liberal.

The NDP have drastically increased their Facebook advertising budget, spending nearly $7000 over the past 7 days. They continue to run a diverse campaign of issue-based simple sign up ads and fundraising ads.

Read on below to see all of the latest ads from the major parties!

Conservative Party of Canada

The Conservatives have been busy this past week, releasing several new video ads in their "Not As Advertised" campaign against Prime Minister Trudeau.

Many of the ads are short (6-10 seconds) and jarring, featuring brief sound bites that portray Trudeau as an unethical PM who has failed to keep his promises.

In addition to these new video ads, the Conservatives have also launched a simple sign up ad campaign promoting their plan to make maternity benefits tax free.

They also ran a number of riding-specific ads asking constituents to urge their Liberal MP's to vote in favour of a parliamentary investigation into the SNC Lavalin scandal.

You can view the Conservative Party of Canada's Facebook ad library here.

Liberal Party of Canada

The Liberals are testing out a variety of french language simple sign up ads this week. They all feature the same ad copy, with different images.

They are likely A/B testing to determine which images resonate best with their target audience.

The Liberal party has also re-launched their simple sign up campaign designed to survey voter motivation. 

The ads feature very similar images, with different ad copy related to a variety of issues, from fighting poverty to fighting climate change. 

These ads allow the Liberals to assess which issues are more engaging for voters, which can help direct their future messaging.

You can view the entire Liberal Party of Canada ad library here.

New Democratic Party of Canada

The most notable change in the NDP's Facebook advertising lately has been their drastically increased budget. Almost half of their total spending since June occurred in the past week.

They briefly ran a new petition ad (from August 14-16) targeting Justin Trudeau's ethics violation in relation to the SNC Lavalin scandal.

Apart from that new petition ad, the NDP continue to run the same issue-based sign up ads focused on lower cellular fees, affordable housing, universal pharmacare and climate change.

You can view the NDP Facebook ad library here.

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