New Liberal Ads Aim to Collect Data on Voter Motivation

The Liberal Party of Canada has launched a series of new simple sign up ads, trying to determine which issues are most important in motivating voters to support their party.

Meanwhile the Conservatives have launched new ads calling to do more to fight human trafficking in Canada. 

Read on to see all of the latest ads from the major parties!

Conservative Party of Canada

The Conservative Party of Canada has launched a new set of ads focused on fighting human trafficking in Canada.

The petition style ads claim that the Liberals are not taking these crimes seriously, and as a result human trafficking is on the rise.

These are the only new ads from the Conservatives this week, after a busy week last week.

You can view the Conservative Party of Canada's Facebook ad library here.

Liberal Party of Canada

The Liberals continue to experience some hiccups with Facebook's new disclaimer rules - as you can see several of their ads were not shown again this week, because they did not have the mandatory disclaimer for political ads.

However they did manage to launch a new simple sign up ad campaign, to try to hone in on why their supporters are voting Liberal.

The new campaign features simple sign up ads that all run with the same ad image, but feature different ad copy based on different reasons for voting Liberal.

The different reasons stated in the ads include voting Liberal to: grow our economy, fight poverty, stop Conservative cuts, fight climate change, and support real progress.

The Liberals can gain useful data from this ad set, which can help them better focus their future campaign efforts.

You can view the entire Liberal Party of Canada ad library here.

New Democratic Party of Canada

The New Democratic Party is not running any Facebook advertisements this week.

You can view the NDP Facebook ad library here.

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*You can see Justin Trudeau's ads here. You can see Andrew Scheer’s ads here. You can see Jagmeet Singh’s ads here.

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