Political Party Ad Tracker — October 19, 2018

The Liberals have launched new ads seeking support for the introduction of the Cannabis Act. 

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are attacking the Liberals for reintegrating ISIS fighters.

And the NDP continue to focus on the housing crisis.

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Liberal Party of Canada

Some interesting new content from the Liberals this week as they look to gain support for the Cannabis Act.

These ads are sure to capture people's attention, and help the Liberals to segment their email list.

Promise made, promise kept.

This is the most eye-catching of the new Cannabis Act ads, and we suspect it will be the most effective.

"for legalizing and strictly regulating marijuana." 

The use of the word "strictly" may come on a bit strong for some supporters of the new legislation.

But it may also help ease the concerns for those who are skeptical.

The ad image tries to convey that the Cannabis Act was the result of serious planning and discussion.

Aside from the new Cannabis Act ads, the Liberals continue to run the same outdated simple sign up ads.

Why are they still running this ad with the copy "as Parliament resumes?"

You can view all of the active Liberal Party of Canada ads here.

Conservative Party of Canada

The new Conservative ads this week focus on attacking Liberal reintegration of ISIS fighters.

We also see a return of their targeted attack ads over the Christopher Garnier controversy.

Short, sweet, and sure to rile up Conservative supporters.

This ad should be effective in growing and segmenting the Conservative Party email list.

And for the first time in weeks, the Conservatives are running ads in French again!

They must believe that this issue will resonate with their French supporters.

Ads like this are a great way to increase turn out for local events.

Using Facebook's location targeting, these ads can be highly effective.

The attack ads over the Christopher Garnier controversy return, on a smaller scale.

This time only 3 Liberal MPs are targeted - Wayne Long, Alaina Lockhart and Seamus O'Regan .

Again, with location based targeting, these types of ads can be highly effective and help sway voters in close ridings.

You can view all of the active Conservative Party of Canada ads here.

New Democratic Party

The NDP continue to focus on the housing crisis.

They have not added any new ads in the past week.

The NDP are running 8 very similar ads focused on the housing crisis.

4 utilize the "Learn More" button and 4 utilize the "Sign Up" button.

The NDP advertisers may still be running A/B testing to see which button performs best.

It will be interesting to see which ad is still running in the weeks to come.

The NDP are still the only party running a fundraising ad on Facebook.

All of the major parties currently run most of their fundraising ads through their email campaigns.

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You can view all of the active NDP ads here.

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*You can see Justin Trudeau's ads here. You can see Andrew Scheer’s ads here. You can see Jagmeet Singh’s ads here.

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