Saskatchewan Party

testerdigital teamed up with the Saskatchewan Party to deliver a new website — one that would look great, work across all devices, and drive up conversion rates for their supporter identification and fundraising efforts.

The website was built on NationBuilder — a fantastic tool for political parties, candidates, NGOs, and more. Nationbuilder is a great all-in-one tool for building a great website, managing your database, raising money, sending emails, recruiting volunteers, building lists, and more.

Home Page

Screenshot of Saskatchewan Party Homepage

When we start a website redesign project, the first question we always want to answer is 'What do you want your website to do?'

For the Saskatchewan Party, that answer was simple: drive key messages, and drive up conversion rates.

But there was also more; going into an election next year, the Saskatchewan Party needed to put more of an emphasis on their leader, Scott Moe, and streamline their website's navigation, which was too complex.

To get an easy jump-start on website signups, we added data capture to the homepage above the fold and paired it with a video background that looks great across screen sizes.

For mobile devices, we opted to replace the video background with an image background to reduce load times.


(This is a low-res gif for illustration purposes - you should check it out on, but remember - the video only plays on desktops!)

We added a "Message from Premier Moe" to make sure first-time visitors know exactly what Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party are all about. It's a simple, straightforward, honest message about what the party stands for and how they are governing.

We also include a direct call-to-action asking for donations from visitors. The number one lesson we learn over and over again in digital fundraising — if you don't ask, you're not going to raise any money! So we always ask — we're not shy about it.

The final section, "The Latest", is perhaps the most important. This is not just a simple news feed — we gave the Saskatchewan Party the ability to add petitions, events, donation pages, news, and more. Each page type has a custom call-to-action (i.e. "Sign the Petition" for petition pages). The feed is completely customizable through the NationBuilder tag system.

Donation Pages

After the homepage, the donation page might be the most important page for most political parties. This is where all your efforts culminate — we convince people to support the party, join the party, sign a petition, volunteer, and then hopefully, they become a donor.

Fundraising for political parties is so important for building a long-term, sustainable, healthy relationship with supporters and voters. Strong fundraising efforts allow you to hire more and better staff, spend on advertising, and invest back into advertising to grow your party even more.

Image of the Saskatchewan Party donation page

We designed a multi-step donation page that looks great across devices, is easy to use, and follows numerous industry best practices. We've removed the navigation bar — once you've got someone to your donation page, you don't want them to leave until they've completed that action, so we keep the page completely free of distractions. We've got a compelling photo where the subject— in this case, Premier Scott Moe — is staring and gesturing towards the form. This is a proven tactic that drives up conversion rates on donation pages — most notably used on winning Presidential campaigns from Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

After completing their donation, supporters are immediately taken to a thank you page and sent a follow-up thank you email with their receipt and a note from the Saskatchewan Party — more great NationBuilder features!

Petition Pages

After the home page and donation page, petition pages are probably the most important pages on political party websites. Increasingly, parties are building their supporter databases through petitions. By identifying a key issue for supporters and encouraging them to take action, the user feels like they have a way to make their voice heard. The party gets access to the user's information and gets to follow up and share more information, and eventually, hopes to convert this person into a supporter, a voter, and a donor.

We used the same style of design as the donation page — keeping the petition template very simple with minimal distractions. We've optimized the mobile template as well — this is incredibly important as most websites now get at least half of their visitors from mobile devices.

Image of petition page, Saskatchewan Party website

And more!

We also created custom templates for the Event Calendar page, Event pages, Membership pages, Our Team pages, and more. To see their new website in action, visit!

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