Scott Moe

We're exceptionally proud of the work we did to help Scott Moe become leader of the Saskatchewan Party and Premier of Saskatchewan.

From the moment we started working on this campaign, we knew it was going to be special. Scott Moe surrounded himself with great people and testerdigital was able to integrate with their senior campaign team to make sure all of our work was on brand and closely aligned with their offline efforts.

Scott Moe and his team invested heavily in digital — and it paid off in an extremely close race, with Scott winning on the final ballot.

We built the website, worked on social media, managed e-mail marketing, ran their online advertising campaigns, and managed their supporter database.

Website Design

We built a beautiful website for Scott Moe designed to help him win. We focused on what mattered - membership sales, fundraising, and getting out the vote.

We also developed great landing page templates which helped drive supporter identification efforts and membership sales — petitions on key issues, like the carbon tax, that helped Scott Moe stand out from the crowd.


We produced many videos for the Scott Moe campaign. From caucus endorsements, to videos for the leadership convention, to ads for the campaign, we produced videos that drove engagement and persuaded voters to rank Scott on their leadership ballot.

Database Management

We set up and managed the campaign supporter database through NationBuilder. In addition to building a huge database of supporters through our digital campaign work, we integrated with our campaign's volunteer call team and call centres, to make sure all our lists were as clean and accurate as possible. This made our get-out-the-vote efforts much more efficient and helped us secure a narrow victory in a close race!

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